I have no idea what to do with this, probably just put it on a shelf to celebrate one of the coolest looking Macs that have been made.

And it was free 😎

Got invited to an island today (and it’s my father in law, 87, who is practicing knife throwing)

Walking around in Umeå waiting for my daughter

A few photos while waiting for the bus home

Spent a part of the day watching Toughest (an obstacle course race). I’m not very interested in the elite, they are pretty boring, but the amateurs that does it for fun … a completely different thing


Yep … it did rain

Crossing Ångermanälven on my way home

Lunch break - walked down to the lake during lunch (Volgsjön, Vilhelmina).

Why I like living where I live, it’s 23:00 and it’s time to sleep … but it’s only slightly darker than in the middle of the day in the winter