Back in Arvidsjaur

It looks so cold

Something tells me it’s autumn

Morning walk before heading to work

First real snowfall for the season

Small one room house available for rent

The four “sausages” in our villages

One of the neighboring villages

I love autumn colors


Yes, these images are overdone, I was playing with some iPhone apps and wanted to see what happened. But I would say that they are not as overdone as you first might think, when I look at the original images they are kind of dull and does not in any way show how I experienced yesterdays walk. These images reflects my experience much more. But yes, overdone and a bit too much HDR.

A few photos from the weekend

Autumn colors

Lunchtime at work

Evening walk

A mesmerized audience 😁

A bit of a contrast from the previous photo, this is how I spent my time last week

Walking to work

My two offices today

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Morning walk

Lappstan, Arvidsjaur

Some people have a garden gnome, others … well