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2020-07-06: Evening

2020-07-06: Probably not the best place to leave your sofa

2020-07-05: I really like how the owners of this garden has taken advantage of the rock that was in their garden

2020-07-05: Beside the road

2020-07-04: Rainy weather outside so I’m “forced” to stay indoors

2020-07-03: Friday walk - Bönhus (literal translation: House of prayer)

2020-07-03: Friday walk

2020-07-01: Tove

2020-07-01: Agnes

2020-07-01: From today’s walk - mystery forest

2020-06-30: Public Service Announcement : I’m sorry (not really) but these moved in yesterday afternoon …

2020-06-29: We are mostly staying in our village at the moment, but yesterday it was time to get some shopping …

2020-06-29: Let me start the day with a picture of one of the neighboring houses

2020-06-26: Cloudy morning and I can hear thunder

2020-06-19: Still walking

2020-06-19: Out walking

2020-06-15: Another photo from the neighborhood - I don’t want to have a horse but I’m very happy …

2020-06-14: I was the “outdoor instructor” for some young kids. Ju-jutsu COVID edition 😋

2020-06-13: Village life

2020-06-13: Another old memory, this time from when I was travelling home from Seattle. We were going to take a …

2020-06-12: Old memories

2020-06-08: Visited the dentist today

2020-06-07: The feeling of having prepared scones for lunch and the whole neighborhood loses power

2020-06-05: Not a road for sport cars 😋

2020-06-05: Hello there

2020-06-04: Today’s theme: blue and green

2020-06-03: The “pain” of working from home

2020-05-31: The end of yet another day

2020-05-24: Walking around in the neighborhood

2020-05-21: He is growing up fast, looking quite adult for being a toddler

2020-05-17: Spent some quality time with son’s puppy today

2020-05-16: Not what I expected when I went out to take a few photos

2020-05-05: Another day in the village, still working from home

2020-04-25: Puppy in the wild

2020-04-22: For some reason I find this image calming

2020-04-20: It seems like spring is on its way

2020-04-18: My new photo model, not my puppy but I’m pretty sure that will see many photos of this little …

2020-04-17: Luftigt möblerat

2020-04-08: The current temperature is having a huge effect on the ice

2020-04-08: Sunshine

2020-04-08: The Chapel

2020-04-07: Life is tough

2020-04-07: A quick visit to the city

2020-04-07: A quick visit to the city

2020-04-04: Time to start walking home I think

2020-04-04: Out walking again

2020-03-24: Good morning, I’m really starting to enjoy the work from home lifestyle. A nice morning walk …

2020-03-23: From this mornings walk: dead trees

2020-03-23: Social distancing

2020-03-22: Another of the neighboring houses

2020-03-22: Discussing the state of the world with the neighbor


2020-03-22: Another busy road

2020-03-21: 30 minutes in central Umeå: Vårvinter (“spring winter”)

2020-03-21: 30 minutes in central Umeå: The newlywed couple

2020-03-21: 30 minutes in central Umeå: The Singer - she “kulade“

2020-03-21: 30 minutes in central Umeå: Vårvinter (“spring winter”)

2020-03-20: A short walk before the last video meeting on the day

2020-03-19: Big brother

2020-03-19: Mobile forest

2020-03-18: I see no change because of the corona virus, the usual number of people is out on the street 😜

2020-03-10: Another day in “paradise”

2020-03-07: I’m pretty sure that someone died here

2020-03-05: Snow today

2020-03-05: Det är ju ett sätt att se det på

2020-03-03: Umeå University

2020-03-01: Tree

2020-03-01: Umeå

2020-03-01: This is what I see when I get home after a few hours in Umeå

2020-03-01: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Vision. Considering my vision problems the last 15 years …

2020-02-29: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Leap. He tool a leap of faith and proposed

2020-02-29: Out walking

2020-02-28: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Below. Below the ice the water flows

2020-02-27: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Together. Studying together

2020-02-26: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Escape. Helping him escape

2020-02-25: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Hurdle. The last hurdle of the day

2020-02-24: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Double.

2020-02-23: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Station. Bustation

2020-02-23: Skiing competition for the kids (mini-wasa)

2020-02-23: The horse and the three “sausages” (family reference to the three ponies)

2020-02-23: Yet another day in the village

2020-02-22: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Spectacle. I was considering a selfie but …

2020-02-21: Playing with new toys

2020-02-21: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Progress. We’re making progress, this course is soon …

2020-02-20: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Scale. A tool for scaling

2020-02-19: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Space. Restricted space

2020-02-18: The house guest

2020-02-18: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Oppose. Opposing views of what a SLR could be

2020-02-17: Into the light

2020-02-17: Officially this is called “winter” … hmpf

2020-02-17: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Cool. Lunch at the cool place 😎

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: Lighting experiment

2020-02-16: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Rest. This indoor cat managed to grab 15 min outside and …

2020-02-15: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Balance.

2020-02-14: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Warm.

2020-02-13: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Rise. It’s only 8:30 and the sun has already risen, …

2020-02-12: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Attached. When the headset was attached to the actual …

2020-02-11: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Plain. Just a plain wall

2020-02-10: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Sign. Sigh, yet another sign of global warming: +6 in …

2020-02-09: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Lull. A moment of peace

2020-02-08: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Contrast. Low contrast morning today

2020-02-07: Umeå

2020-02-07: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Above. The building where I spend too much time

2020-02-06: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Plant. I see these “symbolic” plants all over …

2020-02-05: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Hide. Look the sun has stopped hiding in the morning

2020-02-04: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Spot.

2020-02-03: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Reflect. The vinter sun reflects in a car window

2020-02-02: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Sight. A fairly common sight right now

2020-02-01: February Photoblogging Challenge - today: Open. I’m trying to convince my sons cat to go out …

2020-01-31: Det finns säkert en intressant historia…

2020-01-29: Two older women walking along the street discussing what happened during the weekend and why one of …

2020-01-13: Good morning world

2020-01-11: Welcome home

2020-01-04: It might be gray and dull during the day (basically 10-14) but during the sunset it has been VERY …

2020-01-03: Yep, today is one of those gray days when you really want to curl up in to sofa and do nothing. …

2019-12-30: I really like those clouds, they are so beautiful

2019-12-28: Afternoon walk

2019-12-27: Winter with some snow

2019-12-27: You see that yellow thing in the distance? It’s the sun and in 5 months it will be up in the sky for …

2019-12-18: It looks like winter in the backyard

2019-12-04: So, what did I do this weekend. Well, I mostly sat in a mini-buss going to Uppsala and back again. …

2019-12-03: Blue and yellow

2019-12-03: Blue

2019-11-15: And a quick visit to Stockholm

2019-11-11: Back in Arvidsjaur. Tomorrow’s trip back home will not be fun, there was a lot of … ehh, …

2019-11-10: Todays lunch: pumpkin soup. Family grade was A for idea, E for effort

2019-11-05: Everybody is having a hard time

2019-11-05: So what did I do this weekend? Well, I had fun … and took pictures of people having fun …

2019-11-01: One of the neighbors

2019-10-27: A quick visit in Växjö

2019-10-27: Out traveling again, passing through Stockholm

2019-10-25: From today’s lunch walk

2019-10-25: From today’s lunch walk

2019-10-25: Information

2019-10-23: Back home again, morning view rating: not bad

2019-10-21: Back in Arvidsjaur

2019-10-18: It looks so cold

2019-10-18: Something tells me it’s autumn

2019-10-16: Morning walk before heading to work

2019-10-13: First real snowfall for the season

2019-10-08: Small one room house available for rent

2019-10-07: The four “sausages” in our villages

2019-10-06: One of the neighboring villages

2019-10-06: I love autumn colors

2019-10-04: Cyclists

2019-10-01: Yes, these images are overdone, I was playing with some iPhone apps and wanted to see what happened. …

2019-10-01: A few photos from the weekend

2019-09-27: Autumn colors

2019-09-27: Lunchtime at work

2019-09-22: Evening walk

2019-09-18: A mesmerized audience 😁

2019-09-12: A bit of a contrast from the previous photo, this is how I spent my time last week

2019-09-12: Walking to work

2019-09-02: My two offices today

2019-08-30: Inga kommentarer

2019-08-22: Morning walk


2019-08-19: Lappstan, Arvidsjaur

2019-08-19: Some people have a garden gnome, others … well

2019-08-16: Autumn

2019-08-14: The trees

2019-08-13: Someone showed some kindness to the dead bird

2019-08-13: I know that the sign says “summer” but it doesn’t really look/feel like that

2019-08-07: Morning walk in the village where I grew up

2019-08-07: Morning walk in the village where I grew up

2019-08-03: Morning walk

2019-08-02: It’s a little bit embarrassing but I haven’t gone through my photos from #helsinki last year 😔 but …

2019-07-31: Green waves

2019-07-26: I couldn’t resist playing with this image from one of the cemeteries in Aberdeen.

2019-07-23: It’s ironic, yesterday I took a walk without a camera in my hand … for the first time in 3-4 …

2019-07-22: Back home. More colors than Aberdeen 😜

2019-07-22: Grampian Discovery coming into Aberdeen harbor

2019-07-20: River Dom, Seaton Park, Aberdeen

2019-07-20: Too much cliche?? I mean old trees, green grass, old buildings (hardly visible), rain and a bag …

2019-07-19: My guess is that these three buildings were not built at the same time 😜

2019-07-19: When I leave Aberdeen I will have seen enough granite for some time

2019-07-19: I wish I had a similar view at home

2019-07-18: Morning walk

2019-07-18: It would had been really fun if they have had the sails out

2019-07-18: For me this view screams UK

2019-07-17: Some ceilidh dancing by (mostly) novices at #iticse2019

2019-07-16: Got myself a summer cottage

2019-07-15: Wisdom found in a lecture hall

2019-07-15: Archie - I met this little fellow yesterday when walking home from the conference reception. His …

2019-07-14: Dinner ???

2019-07-13: The dominant color here is gray … a lot of gray … in fact, very much gray

2019-07-12: Evening walk

2019-07-12: Out walking

2019-07-06: I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a clear, perfect rainbow

2019-07-05: Not really why I bought that tripod and light but hey, it works

2019-07-04: Experimenting and trying to get the photo to express the same feeling/view I experienced when I …

2019-07-02: Helsinki, Finland

2019-07-02: Helsinki, Finland

2019-06-29: Nope, I’m not a “car person” … but it’s a fun challenge to take photos of them.

2019-06-27: Walking

2019-06-27: I’m not a Photoshop guy, in fact this is the first photo I’ve edited in Photoshop (I normally use …

2019-06-22: A memory from the ice age. This is at the top of the “mountain” behind our house

2019-06-21: Current state of the sun

2019-06-18: I have no idea what to do with this, probably just put it on a shelf to celebrate one of the coolest …

2019-06-16: Got invited to an island today (and it’s my father in law, 87, who is practicing knife throwing)

2019-06-15: Walking around in Umeå waiting for my daughter

2019-06-11: A few photos while waiting for the bus home

2019-06-08: Spent a part of the day watching Toughest (an obstacle course race). I’m not very interested in the …

2019-06-07: Graduation

2019-06-04: Yep … it did rain

2019-06-04: Crossing Ångermanälven on my way home

2019-06-04: Lunch break - walked down to the lake during lunch (Volgsjön, Vilhelmina).

2019-06-03: Why I like living where I live, it’s 23:00 and it’s time to sleep … but it’s only slightly …

2019-06-03: The view from hotel room

2019-06-01: The sun is setting, it’s time to go home

2019-06-01: Afternoon distraction

2019-05-30: I wasn’t popular today, they thought I was too close their nest

2019-05-30: The abandoned building - I’m a bit fascinated with this abandoned house. It sits alone in the forest …

2019-05-27: 5:48 On my way to the bus so I can get to work

2019-05-25: Evening walk … to fill the circles on my watch 😏

2019-05-25: 22:33 - Walking home from the bus (the last bus of the day)

2019-05-23: Current state

2019-05-22: One of the “university birdies”

2019-05-21: To be perfectly honest: I’m quite fed up with correcting exams