Yes, these images are overdone, I was playing with some iPhone apps and wanted to see what happened. But I would say that they are not as overdone as you first might think, when I look at the original images they are kind of dull and does not in any way show how I experienced yesterdays walk. These images reflects my experience much more. But yes, overdone and a bit too much HDR.

A few photos from the weekend

Autumn colors

Lunchtime at work

Evening walk

A mesmerized audience 😁

A bit of a contrast from the previous photo, this is how I spent my time last week

Walking to work

My two offices today

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Morning walk

Lappstan, Arvidsjaur

Some people have a garden gnome, others … well


The trees

Someone showed some kindness to the dead bird

I know that the sign says “summer” but it doesn’t really look/feel like that

Morning walk in the village where I grew up

Morning walk in the village where I grew up

Morning walk

It’s a little bit embarrassing but I haven’t gone through my photos from #helsinki last year 😔 but soon I’ll be done. Then it’s time for 3000 photos from an event in November 🙄 #helsingfors #finland #suomi #lumix #lumicnordic #lumixgx80

Green waves

I couldn’t resist playing with this image from one of the cemeteries in Aberdeen.

It’s ironic, yesterday I took a walk without a camera in my hand … for the first time in 3-4 weeks. What happens? An air balloon shows up, for the first time ever, and before I was able get home and get my camera it disappeared behind the mountain behind our house.