Today’s theme: blue and green

The “pain” of working from home

The end of yet another day

Walking around in the neighborhood

He is growing up fast, looking quite adult for being a toddler

Spent some quality time with son’s puppy today

Not what I expected when I went out to take a few photos

Another day in the village, still working from home

Puppy in the wild

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IMG 7967

For some reason I find this image calming

It seems like spring is on its way

PJEM2502 Nik HDR DxO

My new photo model, not my puppy but I’m pretty sure that will see many photos of this little guy in the future


Luftigt möblerat

The current temperature is having a huge effect on the ice


The Chapel

Life is tough

A quick visit to the city

A quick visit to the city

Time to start walking home I think

Out walking again

Good morning, I’m really starting to enjoy the work from home lifestyle. A nice morning walk before starting to work.

From this mornings walk: dead trees

Social distancing

Another of the neighboring houses