The trees

Someone showed some kindness to the dead bird

I know that the sign says “summer” but it doesn’t really look/feel like that

Morning walk in the village where I grew up

Morning walk in the village where I grew up

Morning walk

It’s a little bit embarrassing but I haven’t gone through my photos from #helsinki last year 😔 but soon I’ll be done. Then it’s time for 3000 photos from an event in November 🙄 #helsingfors #finland #suomi #lumix #lumicnordic #lumixgx80

Green waves

I couldn’t resist playing with this image from one of the cemeteries in Aberdeen.

It’s ironic, yesterday I took a walk without a camera in my hand … for the first time in 3-4 weeks. What happens? An air balloon shows up, for the first time ever, and before I was able get home and get my camera it disappeared behind the mountain behind our house.

Back home. More colors than Aberdeen 😜

Grampian Discovery coming into Aberdeen harbor

River Dom, Seaton Park, Aberdeen

Too much cliche?? I mean old trees, green grass, old buildings (hardly visible), rain and a bag piper in the same photo

My guess is that these three buildings were not built at the same time 😜

When I leave Aberdeen I will have seen enough granite for some time

I wish I had a similar view at home

Morning walk

It would had been really fun if they have had the sails out

For me this view screams UK

Some ceilidh dancing by (mostly) novices at #iticse2019

Got myself a summer cottage

Wisdom found in a lecture hall

Archie - I met this little fellow yesterday when walking home from the conference reception. His owners spend a lot of time yelling his name but he didn’t seem to care that much 😋

Dinner ???