Todays theme: Energy. Somewhat inspired by the post @maique made … here is the kind of opposite of his photo

IMG 9665

Todays theme: Muddy. It’s kind of difficult to find something muddy today, so here are two from the archives.

2015 05 16 11 18 41 0001

2015 05 16 11 33 37 0001

Commenting on research stuff … I need a break, a cat break

How she can find this position comfortable is beyond me

IMG 9647


IMG 9644

Todays theme: Hope. Tove have some hope for an unscheduled snack.

IMG 9633

Todays theme: Cravings

Todays theme: Sports. I usually take something between 5-10000 martial arts photos each year. The last 14 months I’ve done one singe photo shoot … so here are two from the archive, taken 3 months ago.

2020 10 31 10 26 54 0001

2020 10 31 10 33 04 0002

Todays theme: Pets. Tove says “mjau” (“hi”)

IMG 9628

There is a rumor that the kids think it’s difficult to use the swings 😋

2021 02 04 11 22 06 0002

Todays theme: Layers. Layers of snow.

2021 02 04 10 48 07 0001

Todays theme: Comfort. Since comfortable footwear seem to be a thing today. Here is what I currently wear:

IMG 9623

Todays theme: Morning brew. A cup of tea, a biscuit, a cat, a few birds, -22 degrees, and sunshine - one way of starting your day

IMG 9620

Todays theme: close up. The result of wearing contact lenses for one year.

2021 02 01 07 50 20 0001

It’s not often I think about it but walking on a layer of water (snow) above another layer of water (ice) that is floating on top of a third layer of water is kind of fantastic

Out walking again

I just want to prove that I tried to set an example for the birds and their shoveling. And no, I wasn’t done but the it started to get dark. And yes, I could have taken the ladder but what’s the fun in that?

Current state of Agnes (I haven’t posted a cat picture in a while)

😜 now the birdies can actually walk to the feeder and eat

😁 @jack @ohBananaJoe Since I got a new flash yesterday 😜 (sorry I didn’t have the time to set up proper lighting etc)

Sigh, I told the birdies how to shovel a roof. And this is how they do it 🤦🏻‍♂️

First(!!!) attempt of using snowshoes … the size of my feet might explain why I never have tried before 😁. Verdict: not for me.

IMG 9555

First walk this week (I’ve been working and shoveling snow 😋)

The birdies didn’t shovel their feeder when I told them to, and see how it looks now !! Now they really need to get their act together

IMG 9541

Still doing the home gym thing, different exercises though

IMG 9538

The traditional workout in the home gym

IMG 9529

I think that the birdies need to get the shovel out