This is art

Winter is getting closer

I wonder if winter is here to stay or just making a quick visit 🤔

Woohoo, at little bit of white stuff

I think they might have a problem finding a window that fits

I’ve spent a surprising amount of time here the last two weeks …

I love working with wood

Sheer optimism

Yep, it has been raining lately

Rain in the air, so after a 2.5h walk in the morning I’m staying inside warming my feet 😜

One huge advantage of autumn/winter is that I don’t have to get up early to catch sunrise (and soon I’ll be able to sleep in and still get up before sunrise 😜)

It was probably some time since it was used the last time

Hmm, it sure looks like autumn 😋

This photo of Umeå was taken from here across the river.

IMG 8922

Spending the evening in Umeå waiting to get home

My lap has the same content as it did have yesterday evening

Sometimes it’s more difficult to get some work done

Eight of the neighbors eating their breakfast

Yep, I do love red leaves (as you probably have figured out by now 😁)

2020 09 23 08 38 37 0001

A quick break from reading papers

2020 09 20 12 28 07 0001


2020 09 20 14 09 05 0001


2020 09 18 13 59 01 0001

Unexpected visit to the city

I’ve been away from home a week and then been busy so yesterday I was able to take my first walk at home in two weeks and there have been some changes. Autumn is clearly making itself visible now.

2020 09 17 08 56 16 0004

2020 09 17 08 40 13 0003

2020 09 17 07 25 01 0001

2020 09 17 07 27 31 0002

First real sign of autumn